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You Arts and Crafts Home and Decorative Tile

Published By: Lynsey Duffin  -  Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kitchen TileOne key element of an Arts and Crafts home is decorative tile. Decorative tiles are one of the major crafts that flourished in the style, and today they are still a beautiful and unique trademark of Craftsman-inspired design. However, if you are new to the world of decorative tile it may seem like the choices are overwhelming. The following are some common kinds of decorative tile that are suitable for Arts and Crafts homes.

House Numbers:
One of the most popular, and also one of the easiest, ways for you to add an Arts and Crafts elements to your home's exterior is through the use of a tile house number. These are custom made tiles that feature your home's address in a script that is appropriate to the period, and they are usually very customizable.

Some come in hanging frames, others feature individual hooks to hang as desired on the home's exterior. An Arts and Crafts-style house number is simple and great for introducing visitors to the style of your home.

Art Tiles:
Art tiles are decorative tiles that you typically display in frames, much like a painting. They come in a range of sizes, from 4x4 to 12x12 and beyond, and may feature techniques like etching and relief. They usually feature natural landscapes or depictions of the natural world, often of animals, flowers, or trees in an elegant and simplified style.

Art tiles are also frequently meant to be displayed together in complementary sets as triptychs or sets of four. They will usually feature a scene that is linked by theme or content, such as a scene that is lit at different times of the day, or a single landscape shown in the four different seasons. These make grand displays when shown together on tile stands or in frames.

Tile mosaics are important in Arts and Crafts design, and they come in lots of different forms. You will sometimes use them for larger tile designs, like those found in bathrooms, on kitchen back splashes, or tile surrounds for pools They can feature a patter of colored tiles accented by larger tiles with specific motif designs, or may be a collection of smaller tiles that create one larger image.

Tile friezes are much like mosaics though they typically display a large scene or landscape, and do so using a single large tile. Because of their weight and size friezes need sturdy support and can be a bit difficult to install. They may be inset into large furnishings, like bookcases or hutches, as part of the whole design.

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