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How to Choose Your Arts and Craft Dining Table

Published By: Lynsey Duffin  -  Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Amish Style Dining Room If you are planning on decorating a dining room in the classic Arts and Crafts style, one decision is going to inform the rest: the dining table. The dining table is the largest piece in the room, so it will naturally attract attention and set the tone of the room. It's also important to note that design-specific styles like Arts and Crafts require tables that fit the style's hallmarks.

Choosing a dining table for an Arts and Crafts dining room is a big decision, and it can feel overwhelming, at first. Since there are thousands of dining table that work great for the style it's actually easy to make a great choice and hard to make a poor one. Here is a quick guide on some tables that work perfectly for the Arts and Crafts style.

Wood Tables:

It's impossible to go wrong with traditional wood, as most Arts and Crafts dining tables are just that! This style is dedicated to natural materials and craftsmanship, making wood an integral part of the style. There are, however, a few things that can set a wood table apart, especially an Arts and Craft model.

First of all, few ornamental accents will be featured on the table. You may see decorative lines or simplified motifs used on occasion, but fancy touches like complicated curlicues, inlaid paint or metals can actually distract from the style. Arts and Crafts furnishings are usually simple and elegant, so heavy carving, gilding, or fluting isn't usually appropriate.

Second, Arts and Crafts is known for wood tables that are polished, cut and displayed beautifully. This may make them a bit more expensive than wood composites or wood veneers, but since they last for decades and can become a family heirloom, they can be a worthwhile investment. Though cedar, mahogany, and oak are the most popular choices for an Arts and Crafts dining table, there are other woods that are sometimes used.

Ceramic-Top Tables:

Ceramic-topped tables are more on the side of unusual choices for Arts and Crafts dining tables. Ceramics show up in tilework and decorative items, and are another popular crafting material in the Arts and Craft style. Ceramic-top tables are interesting for adding an element of visual surprise to a dining room, even if they are less common than wood varieties.

For a ceramic table that works for the style, you need to search for ceramic table-tops with earth-toned tiles. These is a certain appeal to baked tiles without an apparent glaze, but you can certainly use glazing or mosaics. Perfect colors for an Arts and Crafts ceramic-top table are terracotta, slate, greens, and beige shades.

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